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The Locust
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The Locust interview. let me just say make sure you research the bands first to make sure you ask appropriate questions to save making a tit out of yourself like i did with this interview.
any way, the interview is exactly as it appears in the zine.

Here's our interview with The Locust...erm it's a bit bare, I think they don't like us. I thought Justin left to concentrate on Some Girls and his other band Holy Molar is it?-but obviously not, as you will see in this interview. you know I think they did there best to embarrass us!

*How and when did The Locust form?

TL-8 years ago by us being friends.

*What are the main musical influences in The Locust?

TL-The Birthday Party, YES, Pil, The Residents, Black Flag, Renaldo and the Loaf, Devo, Queen, Johnny Cash, T-Rex, The Beatles, Void etc.

*Do you have a band philosophy?


*Do you have any Locust releases coming up?

TL-Yes, an ep on Iepcac.

*Were there any hard feelings when Justin left to do Some Girls full time?

TL-Justin is still in The Locust and Some Girls is not a full time band. other Locust members are also in Holy Molar, T Cells and Fast Forward.

*The show the Yeah Yeah Yeahs?-how did that come about and did you enjoy playing to such an unsuspecting audience?

TL-We actually toured with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs in the u.s and all over europe. we are friends so it was only natural to tour together. all audiences are unsespecting if you think about it.

*Why the suits?

TL-We can't really always play in the nude.

*Are there any new bands or labels you want to mention that you think we should check out?

TL-Bands on Three One G, Load, Gold Standard Labs.

Check out The Locust website at: for discography and merch.

Derry High Killing Team