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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine


A Static Lullaby
Breathe In
Eighteen Visions
Give Up The Ghost
The Last Chance/Dead and Gone records
The Legacy
The Locust
Paint The Town Red
Plan Of Attack
Send More Paramedics
Seconds Out
Nothing To Hide records
Revelation records
Three One G records

This page contains the four bits of art that were used for the zine.

Front Cover
Derry High Killing Team.

This image is something I came across on the Internet liked it and saved it. later when I picked the name for the zine I thought this was a great image to use.

Zine Flyer.
Derry High Killing Team.

This is my favourite bit of art that was used but I didn't think it would work as a front cover so I used it as a flyer at first then later as the back cover.
This is an early version of the flyer the ones that were used were exactly the same but with my email address along the bottom to email and get your free copy sent to you post paid.

Back Cover
Derry High Killing Team.

The back cover, just the flyer without the text. cool and simple.

Inside Zine Art
Derry High Killing Team.

This was an image that I came across before the front cover image and I liked it but thought the front cover that was used was the best choice so this was used in the fanzine just because of image similarities between the two.

Derry High Killing Team