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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine

The Legacy

A Static Lullaby
Breathe In
Eighteen Visions
Give Up The Ghost
The Last Chance/Dead and Gone records
The Legacy
The Locust
Paint The Town Red
Plan Of Attack
Send More Paramedics
Seconds Out
Nothing To Hide records
Revelation records
Three One G records

Adam and Andy of The Legacy are good friends of mine so this was the only interview that was definitley planned for the zine. since this interview, The Legacy have changed more members so know Adam and Andy are the only original members. also they are now on Assault records, appently they got kicked off Dead and Gone records because guitarist, Pid, decided not to be straight edge anymore.
This interview is exact as in the zine.

Next up is an interview with Adam on behalf of the legacy. one of the u.k's up and coming bands on Dead And Gone records so check it out...

*How did The Legacy get together?-give us some history.

A-We started out in summer 2002 under the name A Fighting Chance. after a few shows, we changed it to Thhe Legacy and recorded a well received demo. after our original guitarist left, we got Mark on board, after more shows we recruited Pid on 2nd guitar and recorded our MCD in september 2003.
Current line up is:-

*What are the main musical influences for The Legacy?

A-Bands such as Turning Point, Chain Of Strength, In My Eyes, Lifetime, Embrace, Minor Threat, Suicide File but we listen to a variety of music and all give varied influence to our music.

*How would you describe The Legacy live show for people who haven't seen you yet?-are your shows energetic/enjoyable?

A-I'd like to think we give a good gig, we all try and give 100% when we play live, we play energetic, fast music so it's only natural we move around and get into it. me, personally, I get quite nervous playing shows so I can't stand still so by jumping around lots I get rid of all my nervous energy.

*Has there ever been any trouble (fighting) at a Legacy show and if so how do you react to that as a band?

A-Not to my knowledge has there been any fighting, if this ever happened we'd stop playing and try to sort it out. There's no room for violence in hardcore.

*How did you react when Dead and Gone records offered to put out your cd?

A-We were over the moon, having known Ian (runs D and G records)for a number of years, it seemed only natural to do something on D and G, after all we're based in the same city and he's helped us out since day one. Ian's done a great job with our cd and D and G is a great label with lots of new bands so check it out!

*How has your cd been received?- I know it got a good review from Kerrang! magazine, is it doing well?

A-It's doing better than expected, I don't know how many we've sold but it's nearly out of it's press of 1000. The Kerrang! review was really good, to be honest I've not seen a bad review yet, we've had excellent responses to it from places such as America and Portugal, and most people seem to like it so we couldn't be happier.

*Have you any other releases planned for the near future?

A- Not at the moment, speedowax records is hopefully pressing four songs from our CD onto a 7" so look out for that soon. At the moment we're just concentrating on writing new songs and maybe recording again later in the year, we'll wait and see.

*Have you got any gigs/tours lined up?

A-We've got quite a lot of shows coming up over the summer. Tours with Modern Life Is War, Scraps And Heart Attacks, Stand and Fight and Over My Dead Body our all planned over the Summer. For a full gig list check out Dead And Gone.

*Since In The Clear being around a few years ago, Do you think the Sheffield scene has gotten bigger or better?

A- It took a while but it's getting there, gigs are generally well attended and there's a core of people who show up to most gigs. I think In The Clear paved the way for a Sheffield scene to begin with, they were a huge influence for us and I think we've just carried on the ground work they did. There's a few new bands coming up in Sheffield, check them out...

*Anything you want to add?

A- Check out for info on our cds/gigs etc; our website might be finished soon but who knows?
Thanks for the interview and a big shout out to Ian, The Sheff kids, This Time Around and all the UK kids and bands that have supported us since day one, thanks!!

Derry High Killing Team