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Conversion records was an American label based in the Huntington beach area (aren't they all?!) and released material from about '89 to about '95 or so. There have been some classic releases on this label and the label seemed to be doing really well, their final releases being from the likes of Battery and Endpoint who are both well known, popular bands so i don't know why the label dissapeared?! Anyway, a full discography/list of the labels releases doesn't seem to be anywhere online so here it is, the full list, as far as i know.
note-Conversion also released some 2 song cassettes but not as part of their main discography so you can find these listed seperatly at the bottom.

CR001. Positive Approach-Just Hang On 7"
CR002. Yuckmouth-Self Titled 7"
CR003. Borderline-Unseen 7"
CR004. Face Value-Coming Of Age 7"/cass
CR005. Outspoken-Survival 7"
CR006. Voice Of Thousands-Compilation lp/cass
CR007. Die Hard-Looking Out For #1 lp/cass/cd
CR008. Blindspot-All This Hate 7"
CR009. Relapse-If This Is Right 7"
CR010. Endpoint-In A Time Of Hate lp/cass/cd
CR011. Yuckmouth-This Is It... lp/cd
CR012. Face Value-The Price Of Maturity lp/cass/cd
CR013. Outspoken-A Light In The Dark lp/cass/cd
CR014.1. Process-Steel Jaws 7"
CR014. Process-World Of Fire lp/cass/cd
CR015. Hard Stance-Self Titled 7"/cass/cd
CR016. Hard Stance-Face Reality 7"
CR017. Outspoken-The Current 7"/cass/cd
CR018. Process-Regeneration 12"/cass/cd
CR019. Man Will Surrender-Instrument 12"/cass/cd
CR020. Temperance-Self Titled 7"/cass/cd
CR021. Metroshifter-Self Titled lp/cass/cd
CR022. Ignite-Call On My Brothers lp/cass/cd
CR023. Malfunction-Fuse 12"/cass/cd
CR024. Man Will Surrender-Castrato 7"/cass/cd
CR025. Endeavor-Crazier Than A Shithouse Rat cd
CR026. Battery-Until The End cd
2 Song Cassette Discography-
CRCS#1.Yuck Mouth-This Is The First Step
CRCS#2.Outspoken-Don't Admit Defeat
CRCS#3.Face Value-Outside Looking In