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Dead And Gone Records Discography

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In about 2003, In The Clear front man, Ian Wiles started Dead and Gone records. Primarily it was to co-release the In The Clear album with Zandor records. The label took off, releasing stuff by local bands to begin with and then spreading further afield. 40 releases later, D and G records are calling it a day, so i thought i would put up the full discography from this great u.k label.

D&G01. In The Clear-Leave This City In Flames cd/lp
D&G02. The Last Chance-Self Titled mcd
D&G03. Spitfire Down-All I Ever Loved mcd
D&G04. The Legacy-Dead Weight mcd
D&G05. The Last Chance-Where We Stand 7"
D&G06. Justice-Look Alive cd
D&G07. The Break In-This Ends With Us mcd
D&G08. Down And Outs-Boys From The Black Stuff cd/lp
D&G09. Black Friday '29-The Escape lp
D&G10. The Legacy-We Gave It Everything mcd
D&G11. Fifty On Red-Self Titled 7"/cd
D&G12. On Thin Ice-All Hope Abandoned 7"
D&G13. Damage Control-What It Takes lp
D&G14. Restless Youth-State Of Confussion mcd
D&G15. Champion-Promises Kept lp
D&G16. On Thin Ice / Down To Nothing split 7"
D&G17. Break It Up-No Sides cd/lp
D&G18. Walk The Plank-Self Titled cd
D&G19. Justice-Self Titled mcd
D&G20. Down And Outs-Forever Punk 7"
D&G21. Nothing Done-Power Trip cd
D&G22. SSS-Burton 7"
D&G23. Betrayed-Addicted lp
D&G24. Walk The Plank-Dead Weight In Hostile Waters lp
D&G25. Death Is Not Glamorous-Undercurrents 7"/cd
D&G26. The Vows-Self Titled 7"
D&G27. SSS-Self Titled cd/lp
D&G28. Deal With It-World Coming Down 7"/cd
D&G29. Death Is Not Glamorous / Down And Outs split 7"
D&G30. Self Destruct-This Is Not Your World 7"
D&G31. Dirty Money-No Escaping This 7"/cd
D&G32. Black Friday '29-The Pursuit Of Happiness lp
D&G33. Down And Outs-Friday Nights, Monday Mornings cd/lp
D&G34. Iron Age-The Way Is Narrow 7"
D&G35. Deal With It-End Time Prophecies lp
D&G36. Dirty Money-Trapped Under Ice 7"
D&G37. Death Is Not Glamorous-Soft Clicks lp
D&G38. Iron Clad-Self Titled 7"

D&G39. Cold Snap-Bad Moon Rising 7"

D&G40. Justice-Breakout Demo 7"
D&G-1. Down And Outs-Covers 7"
D&G-2. On Thin Ice-Demo 2005 7"