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My record label!

hardcorediscography.tripod.com/thederryhighschoolkillingteamzine - my old zine on line.

www.hclinks.net - All things hardcore!

www.unityhxc.com-cool hardcore database, lots of band bio's/info.

www.flexyourhead.net - Hardcore online

www.howsyouredge.com - swap lists for vinyl nerds

www.fuzzlogic.com/flex/ - U.S punk and hardcore discography

www.x-grrrls.com - girls with x's on their hands

www.ellenmurphy.co.uk - rising photographer based in london. nice pics of melt banana,some girls and comeback kid on this site. also let me use the legacy pic on the home page.

www.hxc.com - up to date hardcore news

www.myspace.com - cool place to make friends and find out lots about your fav bands. lots of bands have myspace as their main website.

www.myspace.com/baileydms - so you can see the guy behind this site!

ww.myspace.com/rrssrecords-my record label that im trying to get started.

My Dad's school of martial arts.

www.punkbands.com - up to date news/interviews and lots cool links

www.stevebyrnetattoo.com - cool guy. super tat's. I get my stuff done by him, so do most of the u.k's hxc bands as he travels a lot. check it out!

www.revhq.com - revelation records website/store

www.engineerrecords.com - u.k based hardcore/emo label/distro

www.backtabasics.moonfruit.com - cool hardcore label/distro

www.backstabbersinc.com - chaotic hardcore band that rock!

www.hxc.com/xdisciplex/ - xdisciplex a.d cool band and website

http://strongarm.xmusicx.info/ - cool religious band, somewhere between Zao and Shai Hulud. Classic!

www.fireinsidemusic.com/endstand - cool rock 'n' roll influenced hardcore band from finland.

www.facedownrecords.com - cool label with cool bands.

www.pointingfinger.pt.vu - cool old school band from portugal

www.sickofitall.com - the best hardcore band ever!!!

http://skycamefalling.pink-pistol.net - cool fansite for this higly inspirational, very missed band

home.comcast.net/~bloodforblood - one of the coolest, nastiest bands around.

members.fortunecity.com/youthoftoday/index.html - cool youth of today fansite

http://welcome.to/rayandporcell - cool fan site mainly about shelter.

homepages.nyu.edu/~cch223/mainpage.html - kill from the heart-cool old school hardcore site with with lots of info