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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine
A Static Lullaby
Breathe In
Eighteen Visions
Give Up The Ghost
The Last Chance/Dead and Gone records
The Legacy
The Locust
Paint The Town Red
Plan Of Attack
Send More Paramedics
Seconds Out
Nothing To Hide records
Revelation records
Three One G records

Welcome to The Derry High School Killing Team zine. this E-zine was originally a fanzine that I put out almost 2 years ago now, I could only afford to get about 15 copies printed up and most of those went back to labels who had sent us stuff and wanted to see the finished product so only 5-6 copies made it into the hands of the public so if you have one you are very lucky!
It was after doing this zine that I had an idea to do a website and so I did, the HARDCOREDISCOGRAPHY website which some of you may have seen (if not click the link).
So i've come full circle again and now am showing you all the little zine that could...

Here is the original thank you list from the zine...

Thanks to,
Rachel and Val for help at home, Aaron and Bill from Plan Of Attack, The Amazing Vanessa @ Revelation records, The Amazing Katie @ Facedown records, Adam and The Legacy, David and Engineer records, Jason and Bill @ Equal Vision records, Johan @ Reflections records, Three One G records, Gold Standard Labs records, Send More Paramedics, James Hart and Eighteen Visions, Sell Our Souls records, Seconds Out, Breathe In, Nothing To Hide records, The Locust, A Static Lullaby, Chris of Let It Burn records/Paint The Town Red and Marco of Join The Team Player records/Paint The Town Red, Ian of The Last Chance/Dead And Gone records and In At The Deep End records.
And YOU, we hope you enjoy it!

Also, please take into account that all email/web addresses printed here are 2 or more years out of date so they may or may not still be working.

Derry High Killing Team