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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine

Give Up The Ghost

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Give Up The Ghost
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Here is an interview with Tim from Give Up The Ghost. Unfortunatly the zine was already at the printers when i got this interview back so obviously it couldn't be used so this is the first time anyone has seen it. Three weeks after getting this Give Up The Ghost split up, you can read the official statement from the band at the bottom of the page.

*How and when did G.U.T.G get together?

T- Ah we got together at the end of '99... we had a different name though (AMERICAN NIGHTMARE)... we got sued and had to change the name, but all in all we have been a band for about 4 years. Wes and I had been friends for years and done bands together in the past, so when it was time to do a new band, it was a sorta no brainer to do a band together.

*Were some of you in I HATE YOU with KNIVES OUT members before G.U.T.G?

T- Um nope. Brandon Wallace who was in those bands played a couple of shows for us on drums. but he was sorta just a fill in.

*What are your main influences music wise?

T- We all listen to everything from MINOR THREAT to MADBALL in terms of traditional hardcore/punk rock... but we all are fans of classic rock, hip hop... really everything. you can hear THE CURE on in our van or you could hear METALLICA. it's all over the place.

*Has your "Live In London" 7" been doing well?

T- Ah that was sorta just a cool give away from Bridge Nine, I think only a few hundred were made... maybe a thousand... i'm sure they are all gone now.

*Are there any side projects planned? (not including SOME GIRLS).

T- Ahh yea Wes does SOME GIRLS. I do a band called BARS. it has Kevin from THE HOPE CONSPIRACY singing, Adam from THE RED CHORD on guitar, Matt Woods the old bass player of AMERICAN NIGHTMARE and Jarrod Alexander on drums that has played for every band under the sun. we just finished recording our LP for Equal Vision records.

*Any new bands you think are cool you think we should know of?

T- Not really new or anything, but PAINT IT BLACK, BREATHER RESIST, MODERN LIFE IS WAR... in my mind those are the new hardcore bands that I think people should be on the look out for. what I think hardcore is and should be.

*Are you working on any new material or is there going to be another release from you guys anytime soon?

T- We have started writting for our next release. I have about five songs done. we would like to do a split of a 7" before we put out our next full length... we'll see.

*How would you react to violence at one of your shows?

T- It sucks. kids get hurt and we get a bad wrap for it. even shows where we have stopped and just packed up and left. kids get pissed we don't keep going, but others get pissed if we don't stop... you can't win. bottom line is that we never want to see kids getting hurt at a show. but sometimes there is little that can be done if we don't see it... some clubs have zero security and some some clubs security makes problems worse. you can't win.

*Do you have a band philosophy?

T- Be yourself. be an individual. don't worry about what others think. just do what is right in your heart.

*Are you coming to the U.K anytime soon?

T- Yea we are playing three shows... June 20,21 and 22.

*Please add anything else you want here like tours/web address-anything you want.

T- should have all tours and news...

Give Up The Ghosts official statement taken from the Avocado/Join The Team Player news letter:-

After four years and 8 months of ups and downs... Give Up The Ghost is done. due to health and personal reasons... we thought that it was time to call it a day. we have had many of the best times of our lives and some of the worst. but thats what made us who we were. a huge thank you to every kid who has supported us, bands that that have toured with us and people around the world who have worked with us. that is truly the most important thing to us... to thank you. we killed it. good night.
-Give Up The Ghost.

Derry High Killing Team