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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine

A Static Lullaby

A Static Lullaby
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At the time of this interview, A Static Lullaby were a new band to me (as to everyone), I'd just got their album so I thought I'd see if they do an interview. they did and got it back to me really quick so it was one of the early interviews to go in.
All info appears exactly as in the zine.

New band on Ferret records-A Static Lullaby have been doing pretty well for themselves since their debut album was released. here is info about them and what they are up to recently.

*So what have you guys been up to since your album came out?

ASL-Tour tour tour, a new drummer and started writing the follow up album.

*Were you pleased with the finished product of your album?

ASL-We are pleased but I feel we could have done better, we were all pretty sick during our album time.

*How did your deal with Ferret records come about?

ASL-Played Hellfest, met Carl, he offered us a deal.

*How, when and why did you first get together?

ASL-Mid july 2002. we all just quit our other bands.

*What are some of your main musical influences?

ASL-Grade, Jimmy Eat World, Adamantium, Propagandhi... so many...

*Were any of you in bands before A Static Lullaby that we may have heard of?

ASL-Not that you wolud have heard of.

*I know it's early days yet but do any of you have side projects planned?

ASL-Not at the moment, i'm sure soon though.

*Are there any upcoming bands or labels you think we should check out?

ASL-Name Taken, their new record is awesome. as for labels try checking out We The People records.

*Do you have a band philosophy?

ASL-Keep it real.

*Will you be visiting the u.k anytime soon?

ASL-We're trying to raise money at this time, hopefully the fall.

*With you guys being a new band, a lot of u.k kids haven't had the chance to check you out live yet so could you tell us a bit about a typical live show of yours?

ASL-I feel we're a real crowd pleaser, a rockin' good time.

*How do/would you react to violence at one of your shows?

ASL-We will not tolerate it, if one fight breaks out we send out a warning, if another one happens we stop.

Grab a copy of A Static Lullaby's "And Don't Forget To Breathe" album on Ferret records.

Derry High Killing Team