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I was going to an all dayer gig in sheffield at which Champion/The Promise and Paint The Town Red were playing so I wanted the zine ready for then but it was delayed so I just had to flyer the gig instead. thats why some of the questions may be a bit confusing/out of date as they were about the gig the band and I would both be attending. also as you will read I hadn't done my research again and didn't know they had an album coming out because I didn't ask and Chris had to add it into an answer.

The interview appears exact to the zine but there was an Avocado booking/Join The Team Player records news letter printed before the interview to lead on to it which I have left out as it is very out of date.

Tour mates of Champion and The Promise, Paint The Town Red are sure to go down a storm in the u.k. the following interview was done by Chris of P.T.T.R.

*How and when did P.T.T.R start?

C-The band started in late 2001. from the original line up only me (Chris-guitar) and Marco, our singer are left. we have gone through a lot of line up changes ever since. we've always taken the band seriously and wanted to achieve the goal's we've set us and not just play 4 or 5 shows a year and hang out at the practise place. it was always our intention to tour, to records ass-kicking records and spread our music.

*Who approached you for the release of "Last Gang In Town" on Join The Team Player records?

C-Since Marco, who runs J.T.T.P records, is the singer of P.T.T.R, it wasn't to much of a question of where we were going to release our first cd. the co-operation turned out to be very fertile on both sides so we decided to release our furthur records through J.T.T.P.

*Have your cd and split with Since By Man been doing well?

C-I guess the "Last Gang In Town" cd did well so far. the split has been out for a couple of months only but the reactions have been really good so far. one important thing: our split partner is NOT Since By Man but an amazing belgium band called Rise And Fall. Since By Man had some problems with recording their songs, so Paint The Town Red and Join The Team Player decided to find another band to do the split with us. check out Rise And Fall's full length debut-"Hell Mouth" coming out on Join The Team Player in august 2004!! it's amazing shit!

*What are your main influences music wise?

C-Musically our influences reach from Hatebreed and Most Precious Blood, over Panic, American Nightmare and The Hope Conspiracy to Turmoil, Snapcase, Chokehold and The Clash. we're combining a lot of different styles including classic hardcore, rock-sound and metallic mosh parts. the overall mixture is dark, sometimes depressive but at the same time very aggressive and violent. on our new full length record "Home Is Where The Hate Is", which is gonna be out on J.T.T.P in august 2004 you can hear all those different influences.

*Are you looking forward to coming to the u.k with Champion and The Promise?

C-Yep, we are pretty much looking forward to touring again. especially in the u.k the reactions have been amazing the last few times we were there. the u.k has a really strong scene at the moment, a lot of good bands and a lot of kids coming to shows. it's a pleasure to tour this country.

*Could you tell english kids what to expect at a Paint The Town Red show?

C-Whoever is in to moshing and going crazy will have a good time at our show. P.T.T.R is not about introverted "interesting" music to stand around and listen to. we spread a lot of energy and aggression on stage and if the kids are with us, the whole show is going to be a big party for everyone. we have a whole bunch of new songs on our set lists along with a cool cover song, so it is defenatly worth checking out.
(Editor's note-just so you all know the cool cover song mentioned above was Sick Of It All's 'Scratch The Surface').

*Were any of you in bands we might have heard of before P.T.T.R?

C-Our singer, Marco, was in My Hero Died Today, who some of you might have heard of. for my part, I was in a band called I (we later changed our name to Phoenix Rising). our current bass player also plays in Team Killer, our 2nd guitar player used to play in Flyswatter and our drummer's ex-band is Costa's Cake House. maybe you've heard some of the names before...

*Are there any side projects planned?

C-Nope, not really. out drummer plays in a couple of other bands but nothing too serious. P.T.T.R takes up a lot of time, mostly because of extensive touring. we're all happy with Paint The Town Red.

*Any new bands you think are cool that we should know of?

C-Oh well there's a whole bunch of good new bands, especially in europe. make sure you check out the already mentioned Rise And Fall, but also a couple of other cool bands like The Crimson Divine, Zero Mentality, Team Killer, Awoken from the u.k, Bridge To Solace, Fear My Thoughts, November Coming Fire, etc, etc.

*Are there any rare Paint The Town Red releases we might not know of?

C-So far we have only released the "Last Gang In Town" mcd and the split with Rise And Fall. none of that shit is limited or anything. we have a couple of pre-recordings and practise place tapes but those are never going to be published ;-)

*How would you react to violence at one of your shows?

C-If it is violence in terms of dancing and kids going crazy I am ok with it as long as kids watch out for each other. if there are real fights we would definitley stop the set and try to intervene. we would not continue playing until the conflict is resolved and everyone has cooled down again. fights at shows suck big time, kids come to shows to have a good time, not to get beaten up by some dumb fucks.

*Do you have a band philosophy?

C-Always making two steps forward instead of one. we're a fast travelling, hardworking band.

*Anything you would like to add?

C-Check out our website:
but also the following: J.T.T.P-
Let It Burn records-

Thanks a lot.

Thank YOU for your support. hope to see a lot of kids at our shows in the u.k!!

Take care,
Chris/Paint The Town Red.

Derry High Killing Team