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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine


A Static Lullaby
Breathe In
Eighteen Visions
Give Up The Ghost
The Last Chance/Dead and Gone records
The Legacy
The Locust
Paint The Town Red
Plan Of Attack
Send More Paramedics
Seconds Out
Nothing To Hide records
Revelation records
Three One G records

These are the ads that were used in the zine. sorry the scans are poor and crooked but it's just to give you a better idea of the zine.


This Equal Visions records ad was for- Fear Before The March Of Flames-Odd How People Shake cd, Silent Drive-Love Is Worth It cd and Time In Malta-Alone With The Alone cd.


These ads were from Facedown records/Strike First records and they were for- Comeback Kid-Turn It Around cd (Facedown), In Due Time-Back To Basics cd (Strike First), Trauma-Solidarity cd ep (Strike First), Hanover Saints-Blood,Guts And Glory cd ep (Strike First) and Bloodlined Calligraphy-The Begging Of The End cd ep (Strike First).


This ad is from Engineer records. the writting at the bottom of the ad is most of the Engineer back catalouge but the main ad is for- Joshua-Baggage cd ep, Rydell-Hard On The Trail cd (both were reviewed for the zine) and Babies Three-The Luzhin Defence cd.


This Time Around were a cool band but split after only releasing this 7" (check out the review of it).


This ad was from Sell Our Souls records advertising- Fuerza De Lucha-S/T 7", This Time Around-What's In Your Heart 7" (Both reviwed in the zine) and Pollution-Rompiendo El Silencio cd.

Derry High Killing Team