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I got into Breath In through them doing the split 12"/cd with Time In Malta and after getting their album on Bridge Nine thought it would be cool to interview them.
All info below is how it appeared in the zine.

With Breathe In being (quite) a new and exciting band, I was wondering what they were up to at present.
Heres what they said:-

*So what have you been up to since you did the split with Time In Malta?

BI-We got a new drummer and a new 7"/cd out now.

*How did that split come about?

BI-We were friends and thought it would be hot.

*How,when and why did Breathe In get together?

BI-That's a long story. now we get together to have fun,rock and make awesome songs.

*What are your main musical influences in Breathe In?

BI-The Germs, Beatles, George Clinton.

*Do you have a band philosophy?

BI-Rock as hard as possible!

*Can we expect to see you in the u.k any time soon?

BI-We're supposed to come over in sept.2004. check out

*Have you any new releases due out or are you working on any new material?

BI-Ya the new 7"/cd through Assault and Nothing To Hide is out now. we have the next record written we just gotta record it. we are touring a LOT this year.

*Do you have any side projects or anything like that planned?

BI-Brazilian Wax.

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