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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine
Revelation records
A Static Lullaby
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Revelation records
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Revelation records was one of the first labels that agreed to help us out by sending us stuff to review (thanks again Vanessa!), after receiving some cd's in the mail I got this info via email and was pleased to see label owner Jordan Cooper had sent us this bit of info. Revelation is a classic label and I was proud to feature them in my zine.
All info appears exactly as in the zine.

"How Rev Began..."
A History Of Revelation Records from the fingertips of Jordan Cooper.

"When I first came up with the idea for putting out a record I had no idea it would be a life altering decision. 17 plus years and i'm still in this mess putting out records. I came up with putting out a Warzone record because i wanted to listen to one but one simply didn't exist yet. Ray and I talked about putting out the record and decided that we should actually atart a label to do it.

Coming up with what to name the label was actually one of the hardest parts and we were torn on what to name it. I wanted to name it "Schism" and Ray wanted to name it "Revelation" and he used the guys in Bold to help change my mind. this put a slight wrench in the works as I had already made up the label artwork for the Warzone record that read "Schism" records # 1. once we made up our minds between names we were moving full speed ahead.

Putting out the Warzone record was definatly a learning experience. recording, mastering, printing covers and actually pressing the records was a whole new experience, but with the help of some friends we made it happen. in the summer of 1987 Revelation had it's first release. it sold out very quickly and helped transform Warzone from a little known band into one of the biggest bands in the scene.

With the early success of the Warzone record, Ray and I came up with the idea of trying to take on other projects and before we knew it we had eight other releases planned after only one release. the N.Y.H.C scene in 1987 was on an upswing and filled with upcoming new bands. we came up with the idea of compiling a record that would help document the spirit of the scene at that time and the 'Together' compilation was born featuring Side By Side, Gorilla Biscuits, Youth Of Today, Bold, Sick Of It All, Warzone and Supertouch."

And it went from there...

Today we are home to bands such as Christiansen, On The Might Of Princes, Curl Up And Die, Since By Man, Pitch Black and our newest baby, Call Me Lightning.

Check out for a full discography.
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Derry High Killing Team