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The Derry High School Killing Team Zine

Send More Paramedics

A Static Lullaby
Breathe In
Eighteen Visions
Give Up The Ghost
The Last Chance/Dead and Gone records
The Legacy
The Locust
Paint The Town Red
Plan Of Attack
Send More Paramedics
Seconds Out
Nothing To Hide records
Revelation records
Three One G records

A little more research could have been done I feel for this interview as I sometimes confused Send More Paramedics with ...And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots but otherwise this was my favourite interview.
All below info appears exactly as in the zine.

"Here's the latest update on the zombie phenomenon"-

*How and when did Send More Paramedics get together?-weren't some of you in "...And None Of Them Knew They Were Robots"?

SMP-Our first show was on Halloween 2001 in a dank cellar in grimmest leeds. all prior memories have been erased.

*How did the zombie thing come about?-were you aiming to be just a hardcore band or was it set from the beginning that you were going to try something different?

SMP-Fucking 80's old school thrash motherfucking metal hardcore was the only musical style deemed fit for the expression of the pain of being dead. the intense torture of a living death finds expression in our music. experts are divided on the root cause of the zombie phenomenon.

*How did your deal with In At The Deep End records come about?

SMP-Threats, lies and empty promises. but mainly threats.

*What are some of your favourite zombie films?

Night of the living dead, dawn of the dead, day of the dead, return of the living dead, zombie flesh eaters 1 and 2, reanimator, wild zero, brain dead....

*Did you lkie films like 'Resident Evil' and '...28 days later'?

SMP-They're all good. the latter is unfortunatly marred by a "happy ending", viz, the humans survive. pah! BRRRAAAAIINS!

*And what about 'Shaun of the dead'?

SMP-I laughed so hard I sicked up a hand. but again, what is wrong with you mortals and your happy endings? a true zombie movie ends with the protagonist either being ripped apart by the baying hordes or shot by his fellow humans in a cruel and ironic twist of fate. GET IT RIGHT!

*Does your vocalist still get naked at shows?

SMP-I have no idea what you are talking far as i'm aware full band member nudity has never occured during one of our gigs. although I can't speak for previous incarnations...

*How come you haven't re-recorded '245 Trioxide' from your demo?-it rocks!

SMP-We have my friend! glad you like it. it should see the light of day at some point pretty soon...

*Are there any Send More Paramedics releases planned soon like a 7" or a split ep?

SMP-A 7" has been mooted for release this year featuring 'Zombie Crew' from "The Hallowed..." plus some other previously unreleased tracks which shall remain nameless... we're currently in the process of writing for a split releases with our un-dead brothers Zombie Apocalypse (featuring members of Shai Hulud) and the u.k's own thrash masters of horror. watch this space...

*For people who haven't caught you live yet, what can they expect to see?

SMP-A screaming ghoul will race towards you barking for your brains. your vision will be obscured as it's teeth fasten into your head with a sickening crunch. your eyes will fill with blood from the deep wound in your scalp. darkness will overcome your vision as shock and bloodloss take there toll. soon the very visual centre'e of your brain themselves will become the food of this homicidal corpse.

*Are any of you fans of Rob Zombie?

SMP-The pretender shall soon be overwhelmed and the true horror of the zombie hood he feigns made clear to him.

*Any shows/tours lined up?

SMP-All forth coming shows are visible at: we are hoping to arrange a short u.k tour later in 2004.

*Is there anything else you would like to mention?

SMP-Yes, to all live gig goer's... if you come to one of our shows then please be sure to come to the front... where we can reach you...

Derry High Killing Team